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A healthy balanced diet

Agribusiness nourishes the world 24/7. Your life depends on it.


Rewards for Improving the Planet

Because you eat every day, you do impact the planet directly, and indirectly via your collective actions within society too.

We invite you to add to our efforts to focus on creating more beneficial actions to improve the Earth’s biosphere. Actions that actually improve the physical condition of the Earth, and its climate.

Because you eat, because we all eat, together we make up the world’s largest industry – agribusiness.

Agribusiness Global Allies (AG) is a member owned, not-for-profit organisation that recognises, rewards and pays anyone who wants to take beneficial actions to improve the Earth.

AG exists to find ways to positively recognise, reward and pay anyone to improve the Earth’s living biosphere. In so doing, we can improve the climate. We explain how throughout this website.

Take Beneficial Actions, and Be Recognised, Rewarded and Paid

One of safest and easiest ways to re-balance the composition of the biosphere is to plant trees. So let’s start there first? Small steps lead to bigger ones.

AG has devised ways to recognise, reward, and pay people to do just that over time: from planting a single trees to the landscape scale tree planting projects. We accomplish this through the use of our market-based 3-Proof Reward Exchange System (3-Proof).

AG‘s mission is to continually invent new ways to reward any person or entity taking action improve the biosphere. Initially, this is mainly via physical actions that reduce atmospheric carbon (mostly via natural green house gas sequestration methods at scale). New methods will then be added for anyone to action.

We start by recognising and rewarding anyone who plants three (3) trees and proves it using the simple methods we provide. It is the common pre-qualifying action for anyone to take.

We Reward Good Deeds

Becoming an agribusiness ally and taking proven actions will lead to other ways to get recognised, rewarded and paid.

Start Here: Get Paid for Your Actions

The World’s Largest Industry

Unless you are self-reliant, you need agribusiness every day. Everyone relies upon agribusiness to safely feed and nourish them every day.

Agribusiness includes farming, fishing, forestry and all of their supporting industries.

Agribusiness is the only industry that can take good, beneficial actions to improve the climate – at scale.

Because agribusiness is important, you can join many agribusiness allies and have your say in how best it can serve your needs. Membership options can be free or paid, individual or organisational.

Agribusiness Global Allies (AG) is an industry improvement organisation dedicated to continually improving its capacity to sustain humanity in perpetuity. Its includes producers, consumers, and all actors between them.

You can personally contribute in many ways to the growing agribusiness allies network throughout the world.

Join Agribusiness Allies

We show you how to improve our world via your personal actions or via community, local, state, national, and international methods.

To ensure equitable access for anyone, Agribusiness Global Allies and the 3-Proof Reward Exchange System are offered 100% online. In future, those without access to the Internet will operate safely through accredited third parties.