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Agribusiness Global Allies

Our members can get paid to improve the climate

Decision Makers

If you don't tell them, how do they know what to do?

A healthy balanced diet

Agribusiness nourishes the world 24/7. Your life depends on it.

Food & Drink

Agribusiness works to supply the best ingredients of life, forever.


The World’s Largest Industry

Agribusiness is the only industry that can take good, beneficial actions to improve the climate – at scale.

Agribusiness Global Allies (AG) is dedicated to the goal of improving Earth’s climate through individual and public involvement in the effort to reduce atmospheric carbon through sequestration and emissions reduction.

Have Your Say ‘How’

Role in Climate Improvement Action

One of the easiest ways to help reduce atmospheric carbon is by planting trees. So let’s all start there? One of the best ways to get more trees planted is to reward those who do. AG is the first organisation to develop a way to reward every single person or entity who helps to reduce atmospheric carbon. We accomplish this through the use of our 3-Proof Reward Exchange System (3-Proof).

Get Rewards for Your Actions