We introduce Agribusiness Global Allies (AG), a new type of member-based organisation that enables individuals, private companies, civil society groups, and governments to interchange ideas and values on terms they choose.

Agribusiness is the world’s largest industry. Only it can physically improve humanity’s beneficial use of the Earth’s renewable natural resources. Only it can positively impact the biosphere at scale (and the climate interactions within it). This is because of its crucial role in sequestering natural greenhouse gases (GHG) at scale. Only private sector agribusiness can do the physically work to drive any re-balancing the biosphere to safe levels, positively impacting the condition of the climate.

Agribusiness Global Allies (AG) has adopted new distributed ledger technology (DLT) and other innovations to re-imagine and re-engineer new approaches. We have devised a new business model that can advantage all members by returning to a purer form of industry advancement, advocacy, and lobbying.

The AG approach enables direct two-way online member information interchange with key-decision makers (including, but not limited to politicians). We enhance this core purpose by using technology to convey outcomes holistically throughout the system, by enabling online tracking, and by reporting and performance assessment back to members and key-decision-makers relevant to the issue(s). Uniquely to AG, this includes the industry collectively, each member individually, and or the key decision-makers involved. We remain focused on this core remit, and purposefully do not to actively pursue other for-profit activities that detract from it.

  1. The agribusiness sector is private-sector in nature, its impacts are vital to all economies and societies. Agribusiness includes farming, fishing, forestry, bio-fuels, and all its supporting industries (including parts of civil society and government sectors impacting its operations). More than a value-chain, it is a value-creating system underpinning all human endeavours.

The primary purpose of Agribusiness Global Allies is to advance the private-sector’s beneficial impacts on agribusiness’s crucial role in providing the physiological needs of humanity in ways that genuinely improves the condition of the biosphere in perpetuity.