Get Started

Anyone can claim their initial offer of 1,095 Eirth Credets….

To qualify for the 3-Proof Reward program plant three (3) trees and collect the following information to register your plantings. These become you proof of planning.

  1. The date you planted your trees.
  2. The GPS location of were the trees were planted, note each tree will need it own unique GPS location.
  3. Either a Photo of the tree being planted or a video of the tree being planted.
  4. Not essential but recording the species of trees planted would be ideal.

Verify a 3 tree planting:

Once you have the following information, you are then able to proceed to the 3-Proof Reward registration page (Note: only signed up members to Agribusiness Global Allies have access to this page), so if you have not already done so please go to our Member Page and sign up.

We have listed the process of registration below and links where to find certain information required for registration

  1. Assuming you have all of the above in order please go to the registration page, to register you will need your AGA Membership number which can be found by clicking HERE.
  2. Enter Membership Number, First Name, Last Name and Email Address.
  3. Press the sign up button, and within a few minutes you will be emailed a link where your Proofs (Tree Planting) can be recorded. ( Note: please save the link you are sent for easy access to you proofs page)
  4. Click the link in your email.
  5. Enter your Proof information, Date, GPS, Photo or Video and Tree Species.
  6. Hit the Submit button on the page and your Proof have been submitted to us for Verification and the allocation of your Eirth Credits.

Register Eirth Credets Here

What Happens Next

Once you have been allocated your Eirth Credets, they will only be able to be converted to a Globel Token upon supplying evidence that your tree has survived in 12 Months time, please stay tuned to our site as we will be loading the verification of your proofs survival in the coming months.